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A Prolonged Absence...

The last four months have been anything but predictable and routine in my life. At the end of February, our family experienced some significant changes and then in mid April, we coped with even more stress with more changes. Without going into my personal life too much, these last four months have been exhausting, challenging and nerve-wrecking.

Our family's diet and this blog took the biggest hit. With a lack of time, I started incorporating more pre-made foods into our diet (check back for a blog post on my thoughts on this). This blog took a back seat as I struggled to find time in my day to do everything. Don't worry though, I still took pictures of some new recipes that will be published shortly.

Through it all, I missed blogging, writing and sharing recipes and neat things I discovered. During my absence, I discovered that in order to maintain this blog, I needed to cut back on the daily posts to posting once or twice a week. This will allow me to have a better work-life-blog balance and hopefully result in more quality, thoughtful posts.

Up next is a recipe that has become a family favorite. Stay tuned for Healthy Banana Oatmeal Cookies which are free of the top allergens and sugar-free!

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