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How to Deseed a Pomegranate (in less than 5 minutes)!

My friend Samantha, (who I used to work with) is a picky eater. There are a few things she ate all the time: peanut butter, bananas and pomegranate. She told me she loved picking at each pomegranate kernel because that was enjoyable for her. Huh? For the life of me, I lacked the patience to watch her painstakingly pick at each pomegranate kernel. Though I love eating pomegranate, unlike my friend Samantha, deseeding pomegranate is not high on my list of favorite pastimes. 

Yet, over the years, I would buy a pomegranate every year forgetting how painful deseeding a pomegranate is. Then I would tell my husband that I would never buy a pomegranate again because it would take me 20 minutes to deseed a whole pomegranate! The effort was not worth the enjoyment since we could eat all the pomegranate seeds in less than 3 minutes.

I have tried various ways to deseed a pomegranate, including cutting the pomegranate in sections and peeling off the seeds. None of the options are as good as this method that I am about to show you! This revolutionized the way I eat and viewed the work involved to deseed a pomegranate. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!

Pomegranate, washed
Large spoon
Large bowl

1. Using a knife, lightly score around the pomegranate, making sure not to cut too deep.

2. With your fingers, pry open the pomegranate to separate into two halves.

3. Holding half of the pomegranate in your hands gently twist the pomegranate to loosen the membranes.

4. Place a bowl on a counter top. With the cut side over your fingers, whack the pomegranate all over with a spoon until the seeds fall out. Repeat until the whole pomegranate is deseeded.

5. Pick out the pomegranate membranes and discard. Eat and enjoy!

Source: Slightly modified from Martha Stewart

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