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How to Keep Celery Fresh and Crisp For Weeks

Does this sound familiar? You want to make a recipe and it calls for a few stalks of celery. Perhaps you are making this delicious Chicken Dumplings recipe, or you needed a few stalks for Roast Chicken. Often, the celery wilts in your fridge before you have a chance to use it all up. That sad and limp celery winds up in the trash. Shortly after, you discover you need celery again for a different recipe and you go out to buy another bunch of celery.

This scenario happened a lot in my household. So much so that I stopped buying celery bunches and started buying celery stalks (since I was wasting at least 1/3 of every bunch of celery). The downside is the cost, as buying celery stalks is often more expensive (per pound) than buying a bunch of celery.

As I was browsing through Pinterest, I saw a brilliant way to preserve celery for a long time. Some ingenious person (whoever you are, thank you!) figured out how to keep celery crisp for several weeks by wrapping it tightly in aluminium foil (aka tin foil).

So I experimented with this tip and had amazing success! See my pictures below for the results.

Let me know in the comments below what tips and tricks you have to keep vegetables or fruits fresh for longer periods of time. Or you can let me know via Twitter @frugalnutfree, Google+ or Facebook!

Celery (stalks or bunch)
Aluminium foil

How To
1. Rip up a piece of aluminium foil large enough to cover the entire celery. Wrap tightly and store in the vegetable drawer (crisper) in your refrigerator.

Day 1 Observations
  • I purchased the freshest looking celery I could find at the grocery store: green and crisp stalks with firm leaves.
  • Fit for: eating raw and cooking
 Day 1: Fresh and crisp. Nothing beats a cold and crunchy celery with seed butter! Mmm...

Day 5 Observations
  • Normally celery stored in the fridge (sans aluminium foil) would have shriveled up and it would be in the trash already.
  • The celery bunch wrapped in aluminium foil is still fresh and crisp!
  • Fit for: eating raw and cooking
Day 5: Still fresh and crisp!
Day 15 Observations
  • Celery is still crisp but does not look as fresh as day 5
  • Fit for: cooking (or eating raw depending on your preferences)
Day 15: Still amazingly crisp!
Source: Pinterest

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