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7 Days of Positives

When we first found out that the little man was allergic to peanuts and almonds, it felt the world was crashing down on us. As the allergist discussed with us what this means, my mind raced through all the issues my child will face: being singled out and bullied, daily activities impacted (daycare, school, playdates), dining out, traveling, and how his adult life will be impacted (dating, jobs, kids).

The world felt quite bleak as his blood test results also came back confirming he is highly allergic. It didn't help to read statistics which said that people with nut allergies have the highest chance of anaphylaxis and the least chance of outgrowing their allergies. I wept for him, for his future and for myself.

It was quite easy to be trapped in the helplessness stage. As I was lamenting my sorrows to my friend J, she pointed out that there are other parents in this world who would gladly trade places with me. Even though his allergies are life-threatening, for the most part, it can be prevented through careful reading of all ingredients and carrying epinephrine (Epipen or Allerject) which will save his life should he have anaphylaxis. It made me feel a little better but still did not make me less anxious about how to handle his allergies.

I was in a rut for a good 5 months after my son's diagnosis when my friend A nominated me for a "7 Days of Positives" challenge. The "7 Days of Positives" challenge asks participants to come up with 3 positive things that happened for each day. I admit that there was one day when nothing seemed to go right and I was questioning this challenge. However, after the 7 days was over, I noticed a slight change in my attitude. The world was not as bleak as I had made it out to be. This challenge really helped me focus on the important things in life: that we are loved, fed, safe and generally healthy. 

As a result of this challenge, I am committed to keep a journal of my daily 3 positives to remind myself to be grateful and feel blessed by what I have been given. Life is a precious gift, enjoy every day.

Here's my challenge to you. I want you to come up with 3 positives each day for a week and write this down (either in your journal, posted on social media or as a comment on this blog). I hope this challenge will help you focus on the positives in life.

Here were the 3 positives I came up with each day during the "7 Days of Positives" challenge.

Day 1
1) Great day hanging out with family and my wonderful hubby made breakfast for everyone.
2) My SIL who invited us over for dinner (I didn't have to cook)
3) I broke even in poker and won big on a few hands.

Day 2
1) Dr. Mom (MIL) who chaperoned me to two different pharmacies to find Lanacane ointment for my swollen mosquito bite. (Half of my arm was swollen)
2) Lanacane Ointment (Reduced my swollen arm in 2 days)
3) Meeting a new playmate for the little man.

Day 3
1) Made a delicious brunch with my hubby
2) Watched my delicious baby toddle around confidently
3) Going to bed at 7:30 pm

Day 4
1) Hubby washed my car and changed the oil
2) Watched the little man make sand angels
3) Hung out at the beach chatting with friends and met new people
4) My awesome Diono tech support

Day 5 (This was the day where nothing seemed to go right, but I still felt blessed)
1) Roof over my head
2) Food on my table
3) Hubby who works all hours so I can stay home with the little man

Day 6
1) My amazing baby who is healthy and learning so much
2) I live in a peaceful country free of war
3) Ate Dare cookies which are made in a nut free factory

Day 7
1) Discovered PNE has free admission on August 19
2) Received 5 coupons for Dare products
3) Made a "Slippery Fish" felt story for the little man

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