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Playground and Water Park Area at Confederation Park

The playground and water park area at Confederation Park is located in North Burnaby, next to the running tracks north of McGill Library. The water park and playgrounds are newly constructed, and officially opened to the public in late July 2014. It has already proved to be popular with kids and adults of all ages as it was very busy when we went on a sunny Friday afternoon.

What is at Confederation Park? 

Water Park

  • It features a water park with water table, push-button spray fountains and many gates and weirs which allows water to travel throughout the 400 square meter water play area.

  • The little man toddled through the water park splashing on the water table (pictured below), lifting the gates and watching the water flow through the water park. 
The water table which is a popular gathering place for kids: splashing, filling water buckets and lifting gates.


Playground for big kids, climbing rock and swing sets

  • Two playgrounds (one for toddlers and one for older kids), with different swing sets, see-saws, spinner bowls, climbing rock, just to name a few.
  •  The 700 square meter rubber-surfaced playground is easier on the joints and a lot softer than concrete.

Benches for parents to sit on while watching the kids play.
  • I enjoyed sitting on the spinner bowls but the little man seemed to prefer the slides.

Playground for toddlers with a picnic table (left).

Picnic Area
  • 33 picnic areas including two sheltered picnic areas, can be reserved for your picnic or BBQ. Alternatively, bring your own blanket for a relaxing picnic on the lawn.
The trees provide nice cool shade for a picnic or BBQ.

Tennis Courts

Set, game, match.

Running Track

  • 401 meter track made out of rubber which allows you to walk or run at your own pace.


Nearby Attractions

Dog Off-Leash Trail

  • For those with four-legged friends, there is a dog walking trail to keep your canine friend(s) happy. 

Model Steam Railway

  • You can ride a miniature train around a 2 mile track. The Burnaby Central Railway is open every weekend or statutory holiday between Good Friday and second Monday in October. The ride lasts 10 - 15 minutes and costs a nominal $2.50/ride or $25 (for 12 rides). Children under 3 years old ride free.
  • Little man and I will be visiting the miniature railway soon. Check back to read about our adventure.



There are two parking lots next to Confederation Park on Beta, north of Albert Street.

I enjoyed visiting Confederation Park as there are many activities to keep my little man interested and happy. There are many areas throughout the park that provides shade on a sunny day, ideal for those who have little ones. The water park and playgrounds are great for toddlers who just learned to walk and older kids who seem to have boundless energy. The picnic area is great for packing a lunch while enjoying the beautiful weather. There are so many different activities at Confederation Park to entertain kids and adults alike.

Go check out Confederation Park before the summer is over. Bring a blanket, picnic basket, swim suits for the kids, and some sunscreen. We simply cannot wait to go back!

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