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3 Ingredient Creamy Tomato Sauce

Parenting a toddler can be great fun; everything is novel to these little ones and for the most part, my little man is easy to please. Meal time can be a little tricky as the meal I have worked slaved over can be rejected with a simple phrase "ALL DONE!"

I wrote that phrase in caps because that is the intensity my little man uses. This is to imply that he does not want the offending food. We try our best to dissemble the offending food into bits he would eat. If all else fails, we take him out of his chair and try feeding him again later.

When my little man loves my meals, he would happily scarf down everything infront of him. Not only that, but he would also ask for more. At this moment in our lives, carrots are part of the offending category but pasta has always been a winner. Seriously, what kid does not like pasta?

In order to get my little man to eat his carrots, I decided to steam the carrots and add the carrot puree to the pasta sauce. Once the cream cheese has been added, you can barely taste the carrots. This pasta is a win win for both of us; the little man gets his pasta and I feel better knowing he ate some carrots for dinner. And yes, he asked for more pasta in case you were wondering.

Best of all, this meal comes together in 10 minutes and allows you to have more fun in your day with your loved ones.

480 ml (16 oz) jar of pasta sauce
4 cups of carrots, cooked (boiled or steamed)
120 g (4 oz) cream cheese

1. Puree pasta sauce and cooked carrots together using a hand blender or traditional blender.

2. Pour the mixture into a pot and simmer on medium high until bubbly.

3. Once the mixture is bubbling, stir in the cream cheese until it melts through. Serve over pasta.

Source: Frugal Allergy Mom

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