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How to Chill a Drink in 2 Minutes

I love cold drinks, even in the middle of winter. I never seem to have space in my fridge to chill my drinks so I always end up adding ice to my drinks instead. Ice in drinks works well when you want a cold drink. The biggest downside is that it dilutes your drink.

Last year I saw this kitchen hack on how to chill a drink in 2 minutes. We tried this hack for our Valentine's Day dinner and this hack worked like a charm. Our drinks were ice cold in no time. Cheers!

What You Need
Stock pot or thick glass bowl (or cooler and bathtub if you need to chill more drinks)

1. In a stock pot, fill with enough water so the drinks float in the pot.

2. Add as much ice as you have available. Wikihow recommends a ratio of 50/50.

3. Throw in a small handful of salt and stir.

We may have added a little more than a handful of salt...

4. Allow the drink to sit for 2 minutes. If the drink does not feel ice cold to your liking (or because there's not enough ice in the pot), let the drink sit in the stock pot for an additional 2 minutes.

Source: Wikihow

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