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Canada: Free Certified Tax Software For 2015 NETFILE Program

The Canadian Revenue Agency (aka. The IRS of Canada), published a list of free tax software programs Canadians can use to file your taxes. This is a great resource which I wish I knew about before we filed our taxes a couple of weeks ago. Like most Canadians, I purchased tax software for $30 for the honor of paying more taxes.

For anyone who has manually filed their taxes (I have had one horrible experience doing this), using a tax software is a lifesaver as it saves you time, improves accuracy and may even prompt you for tax deductions and credits you might have missed otherwise.

To all those who still have not filed your taxes yet, please check out CRA's website for a list of free tax software you can use. The deadline to file for Canadians is April 30, 2015.

Please note that there are some restrictions on who can use the free software. Please visit CRA's website for more information.

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