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Haystacks Recipe

The Armstrong Fair in Armstrong, British Columbia is an annual tradition for those who live in the Okanagan. It is a smaller version of the Calgary Stampede, which I hope to visit someday! My husband and I went to the Armstrong Fair many years ago with my BIL's family watching the rodeo, sampling the food and shopping for hot sauce.

SIL first had haystacks at the Armstrong Fair and recreated it for us when we visited. Naturally, we were looking for haystacks while visiting the Armstrong Fair but I don't recall finding it. I might have been too distracted from the burning sensation on my tongue after trying a habanero hot sauce against the dire warnings from the nice man who was selling it.

Simply put, haystacks is a salad of sorts; rounded off with tortilla chips, ranch dressing and beans. It doesn't sound like a likely combination of ingredients but when it is all mixed up, it tastes delicious and is a great way to use up leftover ground beef.

Next time when it is too hot to cook, make haystacks.

Tortilla Chips (I used Food Should Taste Good Multigrain)
Ranch dressing, to taste

Equal portions or adjust to your liking:
Baked beans in tomato sauce or refried beans (I used refried)
Dill Pickle, small dice
Tomato, small dice
Iceberg or romaine lettuce, cut into thin strips
Black olives, sliced
Ground beef, cooked with taco seasoning
Cheddar cheese, shredded

1. In a large plate, crush tortilla chips. (I did not crush mine since I like bigger pieces)

2. Spread beans so it covers most of the tortilla chips

3. Add beans, dill pickle, tomato, lettuce, olives, ground beef and cheddar cheese.

4. Dress with ranch dressing.

Source: Frugal Allergy Mom

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