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How to Clean a Cast Iron Pan

I purchased my Lodge cast iron pan many years ago and looking back, it is one of my best purchases. I use my cast iron to sear meat (chicken, steak, etc), bake pizza or make dutch pancakes, to name a few things.

Why I bought a cast iron pan:
  1. Even cooking and heat retention: Meats are perfectly seared while still juicy on the inside, pizza crusts are crisp (and not soggy), dutch pancakes puff up beautifully.
  2. Use it anywhere: stove, oven, grill or campfire (I love cooking on the stove then finishing off in the oven)
  3. Versatility: cook meats, pizza, pancakes, cornbread
  4. Non-stick: unlike other types of non-stick pans, the coating does not rub off
  5. Value: a $20 cast iron pan will last you many decades if you take care of it properly
My Lodge Cast Iron pan has to be one of my favorite pans to use. Cleaning a cast iron pan is the easiest right after cooking, while the pan is hot. You scrub the pan with a nylon or bamboo brush and rinse it with hot water and season the pan while it is still warm. My husband is great at doing this, however, I have never cleaned any pan right after cooking. Right after I finish cooking a meal, my first thoughts are to eat and getting the little man ready for bed. By the time the little man goes to sleep, I'm too tired lazy to clean the kitchen.

How do you clean a cast iron pan after it cools down or the next day? Here's how I do it.

Step 1: Drizzle vegetable oil in the cast iron pan and turn the stove on high to heat up the pan.

The mess I made the previous night.

Step 2: When the pan is hot, remove the pan from heat. Use an oven mitt and cover the handle with a towel to prevent burning yourself.

Oops, meant to remove it before it became smoking hot.

Step 3: Using your nylon or bamboo brush, scrape off any burnt bits. If needed, rinse with hot water.

Remove from heat and scrub. I used my bamboo wok scrub.

Step 4: Re-season cast iron pan with oil (inside and outside) while the pan is still hot.

Shiny and ready to be abused used again.

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