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2 Ingredient Vietnamese Hot Coffee Drink

Last summer, I posted a recipe for Vietnamese Iced Coffee, which I believe is a great drink to have all year round. Then I reshared the drink recipe in the middle of December. A reader commented "Really? A cold drink?". I had a good chuckle at the comment as it made me realize that not everyone is as crazy as I am, embracing cold drinks in the middle of winter. And no, I don't live in Hawaii or somewhere warm (I wish though!).

For those of you who like Vietnamese Iced Coffee but want a hot version of the drink, read on. My little man gifted me a screw on Vietnamese Coffee Press this Christmas which I used to make this drink. It's not as straightforward as my existing gravity Vietnamese Coffee Press but it's also not that much complicated either. Keep calm and brew on!

Special equipment: Vietnamese Coffee Press

1-3 tbsps sweetened condensed milk
2-3 tsp French roast coffee (such as Trung Ngyuen)
Hot water

1. In a mug, add the sweetened condensed milk. I usually add about 3 tbsps for hot coffee and 2 tbsps for iced coffee. Add more or less depending on your personal preference.

2. Place the filter on top of a mug.

3. Add coffee to the filter and screw on the insert so it is snug (but not tight).

4. Shake the filter (gently!) so the coffee grinds even out.

5. Fill 1/3 of the filter with hot water and wait 20 seconds.

6. Unscrew the insert 2 turns (with the tip of a clean dinner knife) and fill the filter with hot water. Place the lid on and wait a few minutes for the coffee to drip through. It should drip about 2 to 3 drops per second.

7. Remove filter and enjoy.

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  1. I so love shakes. It is very refreshing in the mouth especially when it so cold.Thanks for sharing your article. I love it.