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3 Ingredient Vietnamese Iced Coffee Frappuccino

To say that I have a slight addiction to Vietnamese coffee is an understatement. It's bordering at the level where I need an intervention or seek help since I've been drinking Vietnamese coffee every day for the last couple weeks. Yes, I know I need help.

Over the weekend, I saw a recipe for a frappuccino and a light bulb came on. Why not make my daily Vietnamese iced coffee a frapp? I love frappuccinos since it's so delicious and I only ever get them with my free Starbucks rewards.

Here you go folks! Go make this Vietnamese Iced Coffee Frapp and then we'll talk whether I need an intervention or not. Perhaps you will join me in the Vietnamese Coffee Addicts Club?

Top left clockwise: Vietnamese coffee, sweetened condensed milk, Vietnamese Coffee Press, Ice Cubes

3/4 cup of strong brewed Vietnamese coffee (or a French dark roast; I used Trung Ngyuen)
3 to 4 tbsp sweetened condensed milk
10 ice cubes

1. Pour coffee into a blender.

2. Add in sweetened condensed milk and ice cubes.

Add the ice in last. See tip below.

3. Blend until smooth. Sip and repeat daily as needed.

Cold deliciousness for a sunny day!

  • If you have never made Vietnamese coffee before, check out my post here for a detailed step-by-step instructions. Simple to do and all you need is a Vietnamese coffee press.
  • Make sure to add the ice last as most blenders need liquid on the bottom to blend properly.
  • Add whipped cream and chocolate shavings if you want to be extra indulgent. Might try this tomorrow!
Source: Frugal Allergy Mom

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