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3 Minute Microwaved Corn Recipe

Last summer, while visiting with family, my sister-in-law showed me an unique way to cook corn in the microwave. She was so excited that she cooked all the corn that night in the microwave.

Since her discovery, Pinterest and the internet has been abuzz by this new method of cooking corn.

Here's why this method is ideal:
  • Portable way to cook corn on the go (provided you can find a microwave)
  • When you need to cook a couple cobs of corn without having to boil water
  • Mess-free as all the corn silk comes off

Easy, quick, and delicious.

Peel off most of the outer leaves, leaving a few layers on.

Corn in husks (outer leaves peeled off)
Butter (optional)

1. On a cutting board, cut off the stem end of the corn with a knife so that you can see a bit of the corn kernels.

TIP: Cut off 5 mm from the stem. Repeat if necessary.

2. Microwave the corn on high for 3 minutes.

Go get some butter and a plate while you wait.

3. Using oven mitts, kitchen towel or paper towels, take the corn out of the microwave and let it rest for 1 minute. Be careful, it is hot!

4. With one hand on the tip of the corn, and the other hand (with the oven mitts) gently twist the corn until it comes out the cut end.

Make sure to use oven mitts or a towel! Squeeze gently holding it upside down.
Twist the tip of the corn while squeezing the cob with the other hand.
Keep squeezing, it should slide right out!
Piping hot and perfectly cooked!

5. Dab a piece of butter and wait a few minutes before eating. Careful, it is piping hot!

Eat and repeat!

Source: Pinterest

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