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2 Cineplex General Admission + 2 Boxes of Cheerios for $5.98

One of the first foods we introduced to the little man is Cheerios. He recognizes the trademark yellow box anywhere and says "Chh". That is his way of telling me he wants Cheerios. We bring Cheerios everywhere with us as it is a healthy snack and nut free*. Naturally, we go through boxes of Cheerios like no tomorrow.

While shopping at Superstore, I bought two boxes of Cheerios for $2.99 which also had a Free Summer Movie Ticket offer. The free movie offer on the box of Cheerios that I had purchased gives one free general (adult) admission to a movie from Sunday to Thursday in August at participating Cineplex theatres. Alternatively, you can also use the coupon for a buy-one-get-one movie offer for July, September and October**.

This was the first time I have seen the Free Summer Movie Ticket offer. In past years, the free movie was offered in April, with other concession or movie offers in February, March and May. One year, we purchased 8 boxes of General Mills cereal and managed to see four academy award winners in April. This April, my husband and I saw Captain America with the General Mills Free Movie offer.

To redeem the offer, you would need to enter the code (found inside the box) online at Once you have completed the online ticket order, you can either print your tickets at home or pick up your ticket at the theatre. For more detailed instructions on how to redeem tickets, click here.

NOTE: The movie offer is only valid for general admission and not for 3D, UltraAVX, IMAX or VIP 19.

*The ingredients in Cheerios may change at any time. Please always read the labels and contact General Mills at 1-800-516-7780 if you have any questions.

** There are two different movie offers: adult and child admission. Read the package to purchase the correct one.

  • The movie offer found on the cereal boxes is the best deal as it offers a free movie instead of a buy-one-get-one when you use it during specified month.

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