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Ham Chow Mein

Somehow, in the midst of posting all my recipes from Thanksgiving, I forgot to post this recipe for ham chow mein.

Chow mein is a great way to use up leftover ham from Thanksgiving and vegetables. I love it when dinner comes together quickly and easily.

4 cups ham, julienned
2 cups green cabbage, julienned
2 bell peppers (any color), julienned
454 g package chow mein noodles
2 tbsp soy sauce (optional)
1 tbsp sesame oil (optional)

1. In a large skillet or wok over medium-high heat, add oil.

2. Add the ham and stir-fry until it is heated through. Take the ham out of the skillet or wok and place it in a bowl. Do not rinse the skillet or wok.

3. To the skillet or wok, add the cabbage and cook until just tender.

4. Add julienned bell peppers and cook until the peppers are soft.

5. In a large pot, cook the chow mein noodles according to package instructions. Drain the chow mein and add it to the skillet/wok.

6. Add the ham, 2 tbsp soy sauce and 1 tbsp sesame oil to the chow mein and toss with tongs until combined.

  • Substitute chicken with beef, pork or seafood
  • Vegetarian option: use tofu or leave out the protein altogether
  • Substitute with any vegetables you have on hand. Here are some suggestions and the order you would cook them (cook the hardier vegetables first): 
    • shiitake mushrooms, if using dry shiitake, soak in warm water for 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly and julienne
    • yellow onion, julienned
    • cabbage
    • celery, julienned
    • green beans, julienned
    • bell peppers, julienned
    • bok choy, separate each leaf
    • snap peas, julienned
    • bean sprouts 
  • Substitute chow mein noodles with spaghetti noodles (cook spaghetti noodles until al-dente then add to skillet)

Source: Frugal Allergy Mom

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