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DIY 5 Minute Valentine's Card Ideas: Lion Heart & Love Bunny

February 14th is two days away and most of the men I know are scrambling trying to find the perfect gift. Personally, I think we should show our loved ones how much we love them every day of the year; not only on Valentines Day. Valentine's Day also does not have to be on an expensive and extravagant affair. Sometimes, the best things are made with love.

My little man and I went to Storytime at the library this morning. Miss Tina, our librarian, read "My Heart is Like a Zoo". I loved the heart shaped animals so much that I came home and turned them into Valentine's cards.

This is an easy DIY you can do with your kids and only took me 5 minutes to make one card. All you need are some materials that most of you (with kids) would have lying around the house.

This is a perfect personalized card for Valentine's Day, made from the heart with love.

Construction paper
Black and red marker (i.e. Sharpie)
Glue stick

1. Draw different sized heart shapes on the construction paper. Cut out with scissors. Glue the pieces together and draw on the eyes (and nose for the bunny).

Lion Heart
It takes 4 hearts make this Prince Lion Heart.

For your "mane" valentine.

Love Bunny
It takes 6 hearts and 2 ears make this Love Bunny.

Love bunny (front).

Love bunny (back).

Source: Designs inspired by My Heart is Like a Zoo

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