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Dining Out With Food Allergies: McDonald's Canada

A year ago, on a follow up appointment with our little man's allergist, we asked if there are any allergy-aware restaurants. She said that some of her clients mentioned McDonald's Restaurants as a safe choice.

Fast forward a year later, we decided to go to Dairy Queen as they were giving away a free small cone. While waiting in line, we noticed several notices stating that they cannot guarantee allergens have not come in contact with the food. With peanut butter Rolo blizzard and Reese's Pieces blizzard posters prominently displayed throughout the store, it was clear that our little man was not going to be getting anything from Dairy Queen.

So we headed to McDonald's and asked them if they have any peanuts and tree nuts on their menu as well as their allergen policy. The crew member told us that the only nuts on their menu (as of March 2015) is the individual packets of peanuts for the sundae. She mentioned that crew members are not permitted to open the packet of peanuts behind the counter in order to reduce the risk of contamination.

This all aligned to what we were told by our nephew who works at McDonald's. He confirmed McDonald's takes allergies seriously and will only hand out the peanut packets for customers to open. Our nephew did mention that there could be a risk of contamination in the eating area (where customers can open packets of peanuts for their sundaes).

Ice cream break!

Feeling slightly assured, we  bought a small ice cream cone and gave our little man a little taste of McDonald's ice cream. As a precaution, we had 3 Allerjects and we were only 10 minutes away from the closest hospital.

5 minutes passed and no reaction was observed. So we gave the little man a little more. After about 30 minutes later, it was clear this ice cream is safe (and quickly dissolving into a milkshake). The little man kept hopping back for more.

What a great way to start off the week than by adding another allergy aware restaurant to our "safe" list!

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