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Nut Free Candy at Cineplex Theatres

Families with nut (peanut and tree nut) allergies will be happy to hear that since February 12, 2015, Cineplex Movie Theatres in Canada are offering Dare candies at its concession stands. When I saw Cineplex's press release, I rejoiced as I had suggested this to Cineplex last year. 

Dare + Cineplex = Happy Allergy Mom
At the end of February, my husband and I went to watch American Sniper at Cineplex theatres as part of our "date night". I was curious to see if I could find these Dare "nut-free" candies and sure enough, they were prominently displayed on the candy stand.

Up until my little man was diagnosed with peanut and almond allergies, I purchased Dare candies purely for taste. Now, as an allergy mom, I try my best to support companies who offer nut free snacks and get excited when I see the phrase "made in a nut-free facility". And Dare makes my heart go pitter-patter with their nut free candies, cookies and crackers*.

I am very excited to see Cineplex getting on board to be more allergy aware and look forward to more nut-free snack options!

*Disclaimer: Ingredients can change at any time. please always read the ingredients label and contact the manufacturer for allergen information.

Note: Though Cineplex offers Dare's nut-free candies, families with nut allergies should be aware that Cineplex also sells M&M candies and have other vendors on site who may sell products that can pose a risk to those who are highly allergic. Please always check the ingredients list and ask the manager on duty at Cineplex for an up to date ingredients list.

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