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Free Frugal Fun: Trout Lake

This morning, my little man and I met up with my friend, A and her baby K, for a play date at Trout Lake, located in East Vancouver. Strangely enough, I have never really been to Trout Lake in all my years living in Vancouver, despite living within 10 minutes away for many many years.

Trout Lake on a sunny Tuesday morning.

Since our entertainment budget is essentially non-existent for this month, we took advantage of the sunny weather (in March!) and headed out.

Trout Lake is located in the Grandview/Commercial area of East Vancouver. It boasts a newly constructed community centre and ice rink, two playgrounds, a dog park and walking trails which all surrounds Trout Lake itself.

Trout Lake itself is not that big, in comparison to some other lakes nearby, however, it offers a nice tranquil environment to escape from the daily grind. My friend A told me that in the summers, Trout Lake offers Saturday Farmers Markets which is a must visit.

On a sunny day during Spring Break, Trout Lake was packed. The main playground and community centre was full of kids and moms with little tots. Dog owners and their faithful companions strolled past us which caused a bit of a frenzy with my little man who loves "doll" (a.k.a. dogs). Retirees and moms with strollers also love the flat trails as it is easy to get around. There are also numerous benches scattered throughout the park for those who need a little break or want to take in the surroundings.

The four of us took a leisurely stroll along the trails and came across a second playground hidden from view. It was a smaller playground with swings, with a play area that is ideal for little people. The little man loved it so much that he refused to leave. I had to persuade him that we would see more dogs if we continued walking.

At the end of our play date, both the little man and I were happy but tired. We had a great time discovering this hidden gem. Much kudos to my friend A for introducing us to Trout Lake and all it has to offer.

Perhaps there is a hidden gem only minutes away from where you are. So go outside and start exploring!

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