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The Stolen Vest

My little man and I go to StrongStart (a free program for children 0 to 5 years old at local elementary schools in British Columbia) twice a week. We have been going to the same school since October and absolutely adore the teacher, love the school and like the parents/caregivers and kids who go there.

As usual, we went to StrongStart today and had a great time. When it was time to leave, I went to the coat area to grab my little man's red OshKosh vest and blue hoodie and noticed the OshKosh vest was missing. Frantically, I looked all over for it and could not find it anywhere in the classroom. Since we were the last ones to leave, I informed the teacher that someone had taken my little man's vest.

The red OshKosh vest

For me, this came as a shock as I was surprised people would deliberately steal a child's vest, in a classroom no less. This type of dishonesty may happen elsewhere but I felt that at our StrongStart, it would be immune to this type of dishonest behaviour. Sadly, it happened.

This vest had a lot of sentimental value as I had purchased it 7 years ago for my nephew. I remember going to OshKosh with my friend A and fell in love with this vest. It cost a pretty penny but my nephew was worth the splurge. Not to mention he looked so adorable wearing it!

When the box of gently worn hand-me-downs were passed along from my brother-in-law to us, I was so happy to see the red OshKosh vest. We wore the vest out frequently and it has kept my little man warm all Spring. This vest is a family favorite and we have had many great memories of both our nephew and little man wearing it.

The loss of this vest was a wake up call that theft happens in the most unexpected places, when we least expect it. It is a sad day when a parent cannot hang up a child's vest in a classroom without someone stealing it. What made this act even more despicable was the person deliberately took the blue hoodie off to steal the vest; while I was in the same room playing with my little man. And this person is likely one that I have had many face to face encounters with.

To the person who stole my little man's vest, enjoy your dishonest act. While you may think you are getting away with stealing my son's vest, know that the child you are bringing to StrongStart is learning from your dishonest behaviour. The consequences you will have to deal with in the future will cost you more than the $40 I spent on the red OshKosh vest.

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