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Frugal Living: $150 Monthly Grocery* Challenge Week 4

This week I had to really watch my spending as I had only $41.77 remaining in my grocery and dining out budget.

While shopping at Superstore, I had to calculate what my total grocery bill would be. This resulted in some items being put back and gratitude that I am fortunate enough to have money to buy food.

My grocery purchases from March 16 to March 22 totalled $33.18 (after $3.20 cash back in PC Plus points) and dining out totalled $1.45 (for the McDonald's ice cream).

Fresh produce for the week and beyond.
The breakdown for my purchases are as follows:

Produce: $16.34
Grocery: $7.66
Milk: $9.18 (we switched to skim milk this week)

Total balance remaining is $7.14 with 9 days to go. I will definitely have to be creative this week!

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