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How to Prevent Apple Slices From Browning

Snacks are essential to our daily life. The little man is currently a fan of apples, granny smith apples to be precise.

Since he is still a little guy, he usually eats about 1/4 of an apple each time. The rest of the apple is wrapped up and browns very quickly due to oxidization. I have tried squeezing lemon juice on my apples but was not a fan of the result. I came across a great tip on Pinterest which helped avoid oxidization also did not leave a strong lemon taste.

1 apple, sliced
2 cups cold water
2 tbsps lemon juice

1. In a bowl mix water and lemon juice.

I sliced my apples into quarters instead of slices.
2. Place apple slices into the bowl. Let it soak for a minute before draining and placing the apple slices in a resealable bag.

Make sure to label with the date.

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