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In Memory of My Late Grandmother

I still cannot believe it has been 7 years since my maternal grandmother passed away suddenly. She was 76. I know most people would say that she lived a long and happy life, but with most people now living to their 90s, and some to 100, I wished she could have been here on earth for even a few more years.

Most people who knew my late maternal grandmother will remember her by her generous nature, kind words and big heart. She was a huge believer in hard work and discipline. These were the fundamental rules to my upbringing.

When I moved to Vancouver, she would often make me my favorite foods when I went home to visit. She was also an amazing cook, her dishes were always perfectly cooked and there was always ample enough amount of food to feed three times the number of dinner guests. Her humble nature never accepted compliments easily and her reply was always, "Grandma loves to hear you love her food. If you like it, grandma will make it for you again".

My last conversation with her was on Friday, September 28th as she had called me to chat. We did this often as my grandmother became my direct line to every crisis, big or small. The next day, I had gone shopping and stopped by a friend's party and missed numerous calls from my brother. I did not find out until Sunday that my grandmother was rushed to the hospital. I went home straightaway to see her but she was already in a semi coma.

We were initially told she would make a partial recovery and need to be in a nursing home. She was scheduled for physiotherapy on October 2nd when her condition took a turn for the worse. The night before, on October 1, right before we left, I teased my grandmother like I always did. I said to her "Grandma, we are leaving now. I love you. If you love me, you better say it too!". Despite being in a semi coma, her last words to us were "I love you too".

On Tuesday, October 2nd, she passed away in the early afternoon around 3:34pm when they unplugged her from the ventilator. This was the most devastating event in my life thus far which I hope never to experience again anytime soon.

With each year, the pain lessens a little but on every anniversary of her death, it feels like the wound reopens again.

I feel her presence quite often every time the sun shines or flowers blossom. Sometimes I dream of her but those dreams do not come as often anymore.

If you love someone, tell them you love them every day and every time you speak to them. Treasure every moment and live graciously and bless others like my grandmother did. Though she may not be alive on earth, she lives in my heart and I will never forget her and I will always love her.